Slot Overview: Big Bamboo

What could be more vicious than a well-fed, well-rested, large, cute panda bear? The software developer Push Gaming has earned a reputation for creating nasty slots. Why do we need to wait? You may rest assured that Push Gaming is not aiming for a more tame demographic. Big Bamboo is a vicious slot machine with a huge potential payout. Its cuteness is just coincidental. Underneath the placid, reflective exterior is a harsh game with free spins that include symbol swaps and quick currency payouts.

Some of the world’s tallest bamboo plants may reach heights of 30 meters. However, pandas only consume the leaves, shoots, and stems of bamboo trees, therefore these plants aren’t part of their diet. A game named Averagely Sized Stems, on the other hand, would not have the same allure. Big Bamboo transports players to a fantastical world populated by tall bamboo plants, with a basic green glowy background and a 6-row, 5-reel game grid in the center. The graphics have a minimalist zen aspect, reminiscent to Hacksaw Gaming, with certain elements reminiscent of Razor Shark.

Big Bamboo is a very unpredictable game that can be played from 10 p/c to £/€100 per spin and is available across all devices. There is a wide range of possible return to player percentages (96.13% is the default) because to the game’s four feature buys and gamble function. Players are aware of what they are getting into when they make feature purchases since the corresponding return values are provided.

There are fifty (50) fixed paylines that stretch across the gaming screen. To win, you need at least three of a type, with the exception of the highest paying panda, which only requires two. Besides the panda, boars, monkeys, and birds also contribute to the high-paying combinations (paying 12-150x the wager for five of a type). Diamonds, spades, hearts, and clubs lie underneath them, and each pays 0.4 times the wager for a five-symbol hit. Wilds can appear on any reel to replace other symbols, and winning combos containing wilds are valued the same as those containing the panda.

Slot Machine Features in Big Bamboo

Big Bamboo features a lot of supplementary content to explore, with elements that are familiar from other works but given a new spin here.

Secret Symbols Made From Bamboo

In both the regular and bonus games, Mystery Bamboo symbols can appear anywhere on the reels. When they land, they morph into pay symbols like wilds or the Golden Bamboo.

A Golden Canopy of Bamboo

When hidden symbols decode into Golden Bamboo icons, this happens. The following symbols might appear at any of the three Golden Bamboo Symbol positions, depending on the outcome of the spin:

Instant Win Game: Win a multiplier that can add anywhere from one to five thousand times your wager.

Instant-win sign that adds up the value of any other collector symbols or instant-win symbols in view. During the whole Golden Bamboo effect, the collector stays still as the open slots rotate.

Values of instant-win symbols and collector symbols can be multiplied by a multiplier, with values ranging from 2 to 10.

Scatter symbols, including gamble scatter symbols, can appear either at random or through the Golden Bamboo function. If scatters appear on reels 2 and 3, a gamble scatter might appear on reel 4 during the main game. Bet scatters can land on any of the following possibilities:

Nothing occurs; it’s just a blank.

A bonus of between four and nine turns.

Free games for 7–9 turns, with 2 low-paying symbols replaced by Mystery Bamboo Symbols.

The four lowest-paying symbols will be replaced with Mystery Bamboo Symbols for 8-10 free spins.

Option to Wager

Players who received any of the two lesser free spins bonus games from the gamble scatter can attempt to upgrade by betting an additional amount. Players go forward if their spin of the gamble wheel results in a win, but they receive no benefit if it fails.

No Risk Turns

During the bonus round, the scatters that appear add up to a total, which is shown on a meter next to the reels; each low symbol is represented by four dots. When the dots are filled in, the symbols are transformed into Mystery Bamboo symbols. Additional free games are awarded as follows: +4 for the first converted symbol, +3 for the second and third converted symbols, and +2 for the fourth converted symbol. Wins from the Golden Bamboo feature are multiplied by the corresponding amount for each transformed symbol. The Golden Bamboo bonus gives out free games when three or more bonus symbols appear.

Add-On Purchase

Select one of the four upsells with a click on the star symbol. There are four possible options:

With 7-9 free spins and no converted symbols, you may win up to 99x your wager.

For 7–9 free games with 2 flipped symbols, 179 times the wager is possible.

With four changed symbols, you can win 608 times your wager or 8-10 free games.

There will be a random number of free spins and transformed symbols worth 300 times the wager.

Judgment on Big Bamboo Slots

Once we started breaking down Big Bamboo, it felt anything but peaceful. After a peaceful start, trying to put the guidelines on paper turned into mental water torture. Rest Rest assured, Big Bamboo is not as complicated or clumsy as it sounds and makes much more sense in practice. But it was also soothing and frustrating at the same time. There were too many dead spins floating about.

To sum up, there are a few outcomes you’re hoping for. Prizes are awarded instantly when the Golden Bamboo function is activated, and a multiple is always welcome. Some elements of Razor Shark appear here, along with a dash of Fat Drac for flavor. As witnessed in video of Fat Drac’s maximum victory, the bat can wolf down a massive instant prize. When you couple Big Bamboo’s largest immediate win with its highest multiplier, you’re talking about some very impressive payouts.

The other objective is to gain as many low payouts as possible through the use of free spins. Since there are now converted Mystery Bamboo symbols in circulation, this is related to the prior Golden Bamboo function and should increase your odds of striking something exceptional. Intricate strategies abound in Big Bamboo, but success is seldom assured, and the game’s namesake usually gets the last laugh. It might be frustrating to land three scatters yet have the Gamble scatter lead to a fruitless spin. Big Bamboo is a slot machine with a massive win ceiling of 50,000x the wager, so there is a bright side to its harshness.

The numbers are impressive, and there is some clever engineering here, but Big Bamboo just doesn’t feel like it will go all the way. It doesn’t have the same insane replayability as games like Fire Hopper have, so you won’t feel quite as compelled to give it another go simply to see what happens. Big victories here would be quite a spectacle, and there are no immediate concerns, but I don’t see Big Bamboo being a Push Gaming classic.

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